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The "barn" Im filmed in is actually an old rusty burn-house for a saw-mill and was the inspiration for Neil Young's Rust Never Sleeps. Joe suggested I find an animator to do some of the cat and dog storyline but I don't know a whole lot of such fancy people.. Before my first album, way back in 1988 on Rhino, came out, I was in a small vaudeville group.

Here at Catster, I am the only one of our editorial team who is single. I’m receptive to finding lovers, but, after a streak of serial monogamy, I’m happy to take my time developing meaningful relationships.

Not that a photo is necessarily an accurate representation of a person’s appearance, it’s always nice to get an idea of who you are talking to.

In fact, we thought we’d help Debbie find her soul mate.

We talked about the types we liked and decided some folks are easy going, dependable "dogs" and some were aloof, unavailable "cats".

That all said, as Peter Case said after hearing the song, "sounds like its about politics". Can cats and dogs get along in this political climate? The footage of me singing the song was filmed by gifted and very experienced cinematographer, Joe Murray.

Berryhill describes the set as a collection of “tone poems about the experiential feeling of enlovement” that reflect the love she had for him from courtship to the realization that a life shared will no longer exist and finally, to rebirth.

No Depression is pleased to premiere the video for one of the album's tracks, "I Like Cats/You Like Dogs." Berryhill addresses the story behind the song and video: "To talk about the video for 'I Like Cats/You Like Dogs' I first have to address the song.

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When it came to searching for people, Purrsonals fell flat — I was among only three results in San Francisco within my age range, and the only one with a photo.And now, there is a collection of similar spoof videos popping up — Debbie, Lib Dem lover, beer guy– we love them all so much we want to put them in a basket. I’m talking about the ones that represent the fall-friendly zodiac sign, Libra, which happens to be my atrological sign. A friend since he first filmed my son and I for an ACA/Covered California Health Insurance PSA.He invited us up to his home on the mountain above Palo Alto, where he lives in a redwood forest and next to Neil Young’s ranch.I was thin when I got them then inflation set in over the years lol I love creating everything and anything and have a laugh doing it lol.Love music soul and rock roll wannabe a DJ someday I got aspergers so there are specific things that I am into...So many people include their love of animals as a key element in their online dating profiles that someone made a John Cusack movie about it.This next viral sensation, however, takes her online love of cats to previously untold heights of absurdity.Many of the more than 25,000 commenters, however, insist the video is fake." data-reactid="14"Since hartmanncara posted the video on You Tube on June 3 it has racked up more than four million views.Many of the more than 25,000 commenters, however, insist the video is fake.