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Best has taken part in the reality TV shows Fool Around With on E4 and The Match on Sky One.

In 20 he was featured in ITV's Celebrity Love Island, winning the second series on August 28, 2006.

Shock entrance: Bianca Gascoigne was in for a shock on Tuesday night as she discovered that her Celebrity Big Brother housemates not only included her ex-boyfriend Calum Best, but also his mother Angie Bianca Gascoigne is one of the Big Brother contestants who has returned to the house for this latest All Star series.

While Bianca didn't seem to have as much as fighting talk as the others, she brought her A-game in the wardrobe stakes.

"To be fair, taking into account Brandon Block couldn't wait to get inside the house as he claimed to have already seen the decor in the press, it wouldn't have been out of the question for Calum to have seen the CBB line-up that Daily Star Online revealed prior to launch.In 2009, he appeared as a guest judge in reality television show Paris Hilton's British Best Friend, in which he tested the contestants' flirting abilities.In November 2009, he presented the BBC TV Documentary Brought up By Booze: A Children in Need Special, which highlighted the plight of children brought up by alcoholic parents.Social networkers flocked to give their verdict, with some calling Katie bitter over not being cast on the show again, and others applauding her. tell him the world is round."And a third joked: "They put Ange in the Ibis across the road."The theory mirrors what Charlie Doherty revealed about Jason Burrill faking their reunion on Big Brother 17.One wrote: "Yeah wondered about that myself quite a performance if he knew like rest of country."While another implied mothers tell their children everything, saying: "My mum rings when she's found an in-date 20p off voucher at Asda… Speaking exclusively to Daily Stay Online, a Big Brother spokesperson said: "Big Brother does not tell housemate who are going into the house."No, but mums might.After that success, Jigsaw ESL also manufactured his third fragrance called "Day and Night". Later that year, he featured in MTV's Totally Calum Best.The show detailed Best's attempts to remain celibate for fifty days.The brand Bianca is donning here is known for its latex as well as the fact it has been donned by the likes of Kim Kardashian!Keen to copy Bianca and follow in the footsteps of celebs? There aren't of course many alternative latex dresses around the web, so instead see some sweetheart pencil dresses lined up below in the scarlet hue.Best drew upon his relationship with his own father in the making of the programme, which the BBC described as a 'raw and often distressing journey'.Best filled in a spot for Ian Wright on Live from Studio Five on January 8, 2010.