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Yet worryingly, we have so easily damaged nature’s most essential system.Most people with any interest in health or training are aware of this phenomenon, but as with so many potential causes and differing agendas it is easy to lose focus and ignore the problem.Cholesterol and mixed stones occur when the proportion of cholesterol in bile exceeds the capacity of and the phospholipid lecithin to contain the total amount of cholesterol in micellar colloidal solution.When this critical micellar concentration is surpassed and the solution is saturated, crystalline particles of cholesterol are formed.

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Understanding or at the very least being aware of the issue is of vital importance, as many of the causes will no doubt have a correlation with other serious illness such as cancer and birth deformity etc.

This decline in male fertility has been associated with a massive spectrum of potential causes, ranging from mobile phones, laptops, air pollution to the conspiracy theorist covert 'population control'.

Outlined below are 4 possible causes which have scientific validation.

The scope of this article is not to extensively list and detail all the possible causes but to introduce the subject area and raise awareness.