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It’s an exotic state of mind but personally I am fond of the idea of meeting women from Korea, Japan, the US and all over as well as navigating the dangerous waters of the Chinese dating scene.I’ve also made friends with people from around the world with whom I share a sense of international camaraderie. The sense of making a life for yourself In Beijing, with the relative wealth of being an expat and the advancement of social and professional circles, the feeling of having had made a life for yourself is palpable. It’s going from living in a tiny, squalid hovel, trying to save money, for seven months, and then finding accommodation seven times larger.As a result, the streets of the city are filled with smug-looking Western guys holding hands with their pint-sized Chinese princesses," she wrote.The 30-year-old Aaron found an alternative to said "smug-looking Western guys": "Unlike the majority of Western women living in China, who watch bitterly as the egos of below-average men swell from the admiring looks of Chinese girls, I took an altogether different approach and chose to date Chinese men instead." RELATED: Three Things to Know about Chinese-Foreigner Dating The plan seems to have borne initial fruit for her.Being here has allowed me to determine my future on my own terms and shown me the freedom of freelancing.

We, that is my husband and I, moved to Beijing from the US in 2011.The female expat community watch in horror as they see the class nerd strutting down Sanlitun like he’s John Travolta, and feel their standards slip even further down their leg as they find themselves thinking, “hmm, he’s looking quite hot tonight.” And so, with no pressure on them to have a girlfriend, and with the guise of being here to “concentrate on their careers”, **expat men love living in Beijing**.To them, Beijing is like that place in Pinocchio where all the naughty little boys can smoke, drink and party practically free of charge.Without a doubt moving here helped propel my career as a freelance journalist.Editors from publications in the US, UK and the Middle East have all been more receptive to pitches as I have a unique selling point by living in the capital of the world’s second-largest economy. Maybe you are already in Beijing and are looking for more info on life in China’s capital?The Beijing Expat Guide provides great information and resources for new or soon-to-be Beijing expats.**The lucky, lucky expatriate men** find that in Beijing they have super powers.Suddenly they’re getting all this attention from pretty Chinese girls.One thing we learned is that there are many resources available but not one single place to find everything you need to know when starting out in Beijing. As we got the basics covered and ventured out more and more, we searched for more specific things.Like where to buy Thai basil and lemon grass in Beijing, how to use the bus system, what taxes to pay, etc., just the everyday normal life stuff that travel guides and relocation sites usually don’t cover.