Australia mandating vote

The United States, along with Papua New Guinea, Swaziland, Liberia and Lesotho are some of the only countries in the world that provide no type of financial support for mothers, according to a study done by Mc Gill University’s Institute for Health and Social Policy.

Maternity leaves aren't simply a matter of time off for childcare -- they can also strongly impact the rest of a child's life.

If everybody voted, then it would completely change the political map in this country.”Mr. The president said he had never discussed the idea publicly before, but said Australia and some other countries have compulsory voting.

Obama raised the subject during a discussion of curbing the influence of campaign donations in U. The president didn’t commit to pushing a mandatory voting initiative at the federal level but said, “that may end up being a better strategy in the short term” than finding a solution to curbing campaign donations.

On February 26, 1869, after rejecting more sweeping versions of a suffrage amendment, Congress proposed a compromise amendment banning franchise restrictions on the basis of race, color, or previous servitude.

After surviving a difficult ratification fight, the amendment was certified as duly ratified and part of the Constitution on March 30, 1870.

But the most basic is also the most appropriate: making voting mandatory. But if we truly cared about the integrity of elections, we should ensure that they reflect the will of all eligible voters.

When it comes to the world's maternity leaves report card, not all countries are passing with flying colours.According to a report by non-governmental organization Save The Children, in countries with longer periods of parental leave, children were found to be breastfed for longer and their life expectancy was higher.The group looked at the top developed countries that are succeeding in maternity leave benefits, and which ones continue to lag behind.Apartments in Washington Attorneys in Washington Auto Dealers in Washington Auto Parts in Washington Auto Repair in Washington Beauty Salons in Washington Car Rental in Washington Dentists in Washington Doctors in Washington Flowers in Washington Hotels in Washington Insurance in Washington Loans in Washington Mortgages in Washington Movers in Washington Pizza in Washington Realtors in Washington Restaurants in Washington Storage in Washington Tax Preparation in Washington Travel in Washington Featured More...President Obama, whose party was trounced in last year’s midterm election due in part to poor turnout among Democrats, endorsed the idea of mandatory voting Wednesday.“It would be transformative if everybody voted,” Mr. “That would counteract [campaign] money more than anything.United States Supreme Court decisions in the late nineteenth century interpreted the amendment narrowly.From 1890 to 1910, most black voters in the South were effectively disenfranchised by new state constitutions and state laws incorporating such obstacles as poll taxes and discriminatory literacy tests, from which white male voters were exempted by grandfather clauses.In a report by the International Labour Organization (ILO), the majority of the United States (excluding two states) received a failing grade in providing women and new mothers support entering motherhood.In at least 178 countries around the world, paid leave is guaranteed for working moms, while more than 50 countries provide wage benefits for fathers, according to the ILO.The president repeated his frequent complaint that Democrats tend to stay home in midterm elections.Last November, Republicans regained control of the Senate and added seats to their majority in the House despite Mr.