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Radiocarbon dating of the sallow wood shaft of this arrow shows it to be 5,400 years old, dating it to the younger Stone Age.The arrow was found in the Norwegian mountains, at Dovrefjell, by Tord Bretten and Line B. (Photo: Åge Hojem and Martin Callahan/NTNU Museum of Science)One late August day in 2011 Tord Bretten and his sister Line B.Even with the arrival of Gotham this week, television has yet to produce a proper live-action Dark Knight. With more carefully defined storylines, more thrilling action, more devilishly deviant baddies, and more interesting character arcs, there's more to enjoy this time around and less headaches to endure. After retreating to the island on which he was once stranded, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) returns to protect his mother (Susanna Thompson), sister (Willa Holland) and besieged company but comes to realize that allies and enemies have switched sides, and that the stranglehold of evil on family, friends and city is diabolically linked to his fateful shipwreck.There's still the never-ending repetition of another villain-of-the-week superhero show, still the same bloated conflicts and distended evil agendas, still the same endless cliffhangers, still the same gaping plot holes, but the series is at least on the rise. By season's end, there's little doubt Arrow is developing a smart DC universe within a DC universe; one with plenty of crossover potential with the likes of Flash and others that will surely follow, yet enough strength to stand on its own two feet should further DCU big leaguers remain MIA. A once-tight comrade-at-arms and a strength-enhancing, yet mind-warping serum may prove to be the mightiest adversaries The Arrow has ever encountered.Aukrust came home from an extraordinarily successful hunting trip in Dovrefjell, a mountainous area in central Norway.

Colors are cast in bold splashes of green, orange and red, while skintones remain beautifully saturated, primaries are strong and black levels are deep and inky.This arrow, and a slightly younger one dating back 5,200 years, are among finds recently discussed in the publication Antiquity by archaeologist Martin Callanan of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).Discoveries of arrowheads, arrow shafts and fragments of bows and various tools have been made before in snowdrift glaciers in the Oppdal region. Press the "D" key to create a 3-D arrow pointing to the left. Hold the "Alt" key and type "24" using the numeric keypad. Press the "A" key to create a 3-D arrow pointing to the right. Hold the "Alt" key and type "25" using the numeric keypad. Hold the "Alt" key and type "26" using the numeric keypad. Hold the "Alt" key and type "27" using the numeric keypad. Adding a Wingdings arrow to a document, email or instant message is fast and easy and there are many different arrow Wingdings to choose, from the practical to the whimsical. There are two simple ways to create a Wingdings arrow: through the font menu or by using keyboard shortcuts. One of the arrows turned out to be from another reindeer hunt, but the hunt had taken place 5,400 years ago.This is the oldest archaeological find from mountain snowsfields in Scandinavia.