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Real cell phone sex scenes and pure nudity, all in a single collection of videos Only beautiful girls orgasm scenes with plenty of details presenting their wet pussies being stimulated by large toys.Thoroughly recommended, this author is an auto buy for me.” by Anne-Marie Becker, it was a thrilling fast-paced read that had me anticipating the villain’s next moves and wondering the reasons behind his obsession with Maggie.By the end of the book, I was completely engrossed in each of the main characters and had a pretty good glimpse of some of those in secondary roles – I hope there will follow-up books focusing on the rest of the SSAM team especially Becca as well as Detective Noah Crandall.THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. Well, teacher claims it was all in the name of learning therapy. Tonight, a husband accused of having a mistress and poisoning his wife with antifreeze. You keep making me so happy." This is not learning therapy. All right, Eric Schwartzreich, let`s hear your best defense. My question is, is how come these people -- I kind of like the way he said. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She said she caught him cheating and Muncie (ph) tried to kill her by poisoning her with antifreeze. Muncie had a history of attempting to commit suicide." UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That`s absurd. GOLDBAND: According to our great researcher, he has been scouring through these documents as we speak, Nancy, and just learned that according to the wife, she was asked to sign a form that says the husband was not receiving any income during a time she claims he was actually working. GOLDBAND: Yes, that`s what the wife is claiming in court documents. NANCY GRACE, HOST: Breaking news tonight, live, Riverview, Florida, a teacher of the year teaching a lot more than reading, writing and arithmetic, a married mother, 29-year-old Ethel Anderson, accused of repeatedly having sex relationships with a 12-year-old little boy as over 230 pages of sex text messages emerge. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with a 12-year-old boy was the teacher of the year. I was just making sure." UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I will not let my kids play around her at all. (END VIDEO CLIP) GRACE: And tonight, live, La Mesa (ph). That`s what a married mom of three said when her husband got her a soda at Jack-in-the-Box. He fires back it wasn`t him, that she was jealous and despondent over his mistress and she poisoned herself. You may not - - I`m afraid you won`t like what you see. "My heart is seriously pounding right now thinking about you. ERIC SCHWARTZREICH, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: I think when Crosby, Stills & Nash sang "You need to teach your children well," they did not envision this. How come these people, like, teachers and, you know, (INAUDIBLE) like the fourth story in 10 years or 12 years I`ve heard about teachers having sex with students. Everybody, as we go to break, family album is back with your photos. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have interviewed the husband. 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She confronts the teacher, based on the teacher`s biblical and spiritual teachings that she believes in, and the teacher confesses to what she did with her 12-year-old child. Who had -- who had the biblical teaching, the faith in the biblical teaching? And she admitted that she did do things, but she did it to help her son. Also with me out of the Miami jurisdiction, Eric Schwartzreich. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Patrick Muncie (ph) had allegedly been cheating on his wife of almost ten years. And this has not been confirmed yet, about bankruptcy papers? I`ll send him to your front porch, COD, cash on delivery, don`t send him back.