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-------------------- This Keeps your EQ2MAP mod up to date, when ever new zones or points of interest are submitted on the EQ2MAP Website, this will update them for you automaticly.

It happens both in the designer and from the web interface. You might have an issue with the publishing page layout URl being invalid or pointing to a URl which is not an alternate access mapping.

I am really at a loss as to what to do to fix this issue, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If you go into the pages library so you can see the home page listed there then hover over the value for the layout field on that page, look to see what the URl is. Do you either fiddler or IE Dev tools (or any other browser based debugger) look for authentication/access denied errors - my guess is that within the actual master pages some artifact (image, css, etc.) you are not allowed to access it - which throws this error.

Pay special attention to the year as an obvious indicator of something wrong.

If you notice the date is completely wrong, you can set it the current date and time using a variation of the same terminal command.

It looked like it worked, but looking again it's back to read-only and setting permissions still fails.The note at the bottom mentions that if it's not working, check out Lock Hunter. Check the permissions on that directory to ensure that Administrators is in the list.It told me that the directory was locked by IIS, so I ran This can happen if you really don't have access to that directory. If you can't even do that, you'll have to take ownership of the folder first (it's a tab in the Advanced Permissions dialog screen).I even booted another user who had a logged-in Remote Desktop session.Some of the files it complains about are in a folder, as there is a Mercurial repository in the directory I'm working on.Net Framework 2.0 can be downloaded either from this direct download link or if you prefer you can get it from windows update.When you try and run the program and you get "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135).To do this, go to the  Apple menu Date & Time, and be sure the “Set date and time automatically” option is checked: That method requires the Mac to have active internet access, however.If you’re on a computer without internet access, or if you encounter the problem during an alternative OS X installation method and thus can’t access System Preferences, turning to the Terminal to set the date is the next option.To determine if the Terminal date trick can fix those error messages and help you to successfully install OS X, you’ll need to turn to the command line while at the “Install OS X” boot menu.Pull down the “Utilities” menu option and choose “Terminal”, then type the following command into the prompt: The entire line matters, as the date must be correct in order to install OS X, specifically the year, because if the date set is prior to the release of OS X, the error will trigger.