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I’ve listened to Homeland Security speeding along the American side and watched someone scale the wall back into Mexico.

I’ve overhead a young father talking to his wife and son through wire and bars at “Friendship Park.” I’ve stood at its western end and watched the ocean waves lap against the barrier.

For those of you listening on smartphones, you can find most of these in the Apple podcast app / i Tunes store or in Overcast, Stitcher, or other podcatcher apps.

99% Invisible Hands-down one of the best podcasts out there, it consistently ranks near the top of the i Tunes charts for number of downloads, and it's easy to hear why.

Aleta: Winged Amity: Friendship, harmony Aria: A tune for a single voice with instrumental accompaniment Avalon: Island from the Arthurian legend, famous for its apples Betony: This is a common name for a plant that yields gorgeous purple flowers.

Daelyn: Small valley Diantha: Modern blend of Diana, which means divine huntress and Anthea, which is a flower Fallon: Descended from a ruler Jennyver: White wave Kiba: Protected Oriana: Blonde Pascale: Born at Easter Perrin: Feminine form of Peter, which in turn means rock Reveka: Captivating Solaine: Dignified Umbra: Darkest point of a shadow Xyris: Beautiful yellow-flowering plant Zenith: The point in the heavens directly above you Get more unique baby girl names here.

Finding a unique baby name for your baby boy or girl can be a daunting task -- picking the perfect name, combining it with the last name and getting input from everyone around you.

It can be an even bigger deal if you're not fond of naming him or her after this year's most popular baby names. Perhaps you don't want your child to be one of a number of kids who have the same name in her kindergarten class, or maybe you grew up with a popular name and always longed for a name that was a little more different than what everyone else had.

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It looks at how global trade really works and the people who do the labor of moving stuff—in the context of a Donald Trump presidency and the ascendance of artificial intelligence-powered automation.You also may be choosing a popular or family name for a first name, but are wanting to pair it with a unique middle name.Coming up with a memorable baby name can sometimes be a challenge because often a unique name can come across as unpronounceable or, on the other hand, can be difficult to spell.If we consider only the contents and the literary form of these writings they may be divided into historical books (Gospels and Acts ), didactic books (Epistles), a prophetical book (Apocalypse).Before the name of the New Testament had come into use the writers of the latter half of the second century used to say "Gospel and Apostolic writings" or simply "the Gospel and the Apostle ", meaning the Apostle St. The Gospels are subdivided into two groups, those which are commonly called synoptic (Matthew, Mark, Luke), because their narratives are parallel, and the fourth Gospel (that of St.Axiom: Self-evident truth Berrin: Bear Chroma: Intensity or purity of a color Daxton: This is a reference to the French town Dax Fain: Joyful Granger: Farmer Madrigal: A type of Italian musical composition dating from the Renaissance, featuring voices unaccompanied by instruments Marston: From the farm by the pool, or the town by the marsh Morrow: A shortened form of "tomorrow" Motega: New arrow Nealon: Champion Rexton: Variant of Rex, which means lord, king or chieftan Rowan: This name can be used for a boy or a girl and means little red head Seldon: From the willow valley Severin: Stern Tabbart: Brilliant Taro: Big boy Varden: From the green hill Welkin: The sky Get more unique baby boy names here. Names that were previously being considered for my daughter before she was born::: Morrigan Adalia We currently are 8 months pregnant and having trouble deciding on a boys name for our 3rd son.You can see that there are many sources for unique names to choose from when you are searching for that perfect baby name. :) i love seren it means star and is quite unique i also LOVE charlotte, grace ,louia ,tilly ,lana, talia ,kyla ,calay, martina liliana rosie connie m'ckenzie alice crisda jadeelle katie zoe zoey fae tegan faith alexis mia kaylee mya anastasia jade bella demi destiny hannah savannah sofie molly violet coraline amber ivy allison annabell tulip clover harmony trinity summer heaven willow raine dalia rilace teaegar skyla skylar evelyn kadey melody amaya alina morelia amore wednesday sumer prada kadaly eshhaylia elizabethy shadila maria laylia paige clora selena wow that is a list and a half I personally like my daughters name. Our other 2 are Jayden Jon and Lexon Ryan..this one we are pretty set on Huxlee Daniel..these heard often in other states?And a program about the changing role of children in society included a discussion about how in the 1800s there were beauty pageants at 4H fairs where -- along with judging cattle and hogs -- people would give awards for the prettiest babies!The Biggest Story in the World Alan Rusbridger -- the departing editor of the British newspaper -- wanted to make a big splash in his final six months on the job, so he came up with a plan to engage readers in a new way on the topic of climate change through an in-depth, multi-faceted series of articles and editorials, along with a campaign urging some of the largest charitable foundations in the world to divest of their fossil fuel holdings.PUBLISHED October 20, 2016 on FUSIONIt was not until our pilot grabbed the Cessna 172 by the propeller and pulled it to the gas pump at the tiny airfield that I started to get nervous about flying low along the US-Mexico border wall. The wall that Donald Trump has been promising his supporters already exists.Hundreds of miles of steel stretch across nearly every populated part of the border. Still, he turned building the wall into a chant, a brand, a symbol of keeping people out and “putting America first.”For me, making contact with the physical wall became part of my election-long battle to keep connected with baseline reality.

Alexis madrigal online dating