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He became a member of the “WB Road Crew,” before being approached by a talent scout in Atlanta and moving to Los Angeles.Blair Redford plays Ethan, an edgy “bad boy” who is the brother of a local police officer.As Dan mourns the loss of his bride-to-be Teresa, Alec finally sees fit to fill him in on the secret that is Emma and Sutton’s twin-dom.This revelation, of course, only makes Dan feel even more betrayed by all of those in the know around him — namely, his trusted baby bro Ethan. Unfortunately, this all comes about at the exact moment Emma has finally made her choice between the latter and Thayer.Other TV credits include Switched at Birth, 90210, Flash Forward, Cane and CSI: Miami.

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's Ethan and Emma are going to have a major blow-out on Monday's Season 1 finale.

"There's a fantastic scene with Emma and Ethan out at the trailer where they get into a very big fight," star Alexandra Chando tells

(She chooses Ethan.) However, E’s made his own choice and, living up to his brotherly duties, breaks both of their hearts and walks away from Emma for what she thinks is for good.

Over in Thayer Land, the adopted Ryback boy becomes increasingly angry and aggressive, forcing Emma to pick between her beaus.