Adventures in online dating 2016

My one friend had just been telling me about an online dating blitz she had been on where she scheduled something ridiculous like six dates in one weekend. Never again.) Technically I have never really “dated” before, so I was intrigued to see how the whole online thing worked.I knew it had the potential to be super awkward, but I am a pretty outgoing person and I feel like I can talk to pretty much anyone.I test-drive them for my clients, so I know which ones to recommend.And as a woman dating after divorce, online dating is my primary way to meet eligible men.

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I got something ridiculous like 200 messages in three days (I am sure it’s only because I’m female), which was overwhelming. Yes, I know the whole point of signing up for an online dating site is that probably you are actually going to go out on a date, but I was a little wary about the whole thing and I would prefer to have a few conversations before I just jumped right in to the job interview-type awkwardness that is a first date. Speaking of weirdos, you know what’s full of weirdos? I had so many random bizarre messages, and looking back I so wish I saved them! One guy sent me this picture: Which appears to be of a man on his knees holding out a credit card to a lady.

I’m technically on 4 different dating sites/apps right now, but I only really use 3 of them. And in the past, I haven’t really had a lot of luck with meeting guys online.

Sometimes I would meet someone for coffee or something, but more often than not I would start talking to a guy online and either the conversation would die completely really quickly or he would turn out to be a total creeper and say something disgusting to me and I would never want to meet them.

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