5th wheel uncensored naked dating

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I'm just happy I did not buy this, because I would want a refund!!!

The reason I'm giving this a 3 rating is because of the announcer. There was a scene where one of the dates was putting whipped cream on a bare breast. " Another time when there is some tongue kissing going on he says "There is more tongue then your average deli." I could not help but chuckle!!

Hop on board as they demonstrate in the “5th Wheelers Guide to Dating” how nudity is the ultimate ice-breaker, tantalizing body part games, more sinfully good uses for food prodeucts and the ultimate key to telling real breasts from fake.

In steamy Volume 2, the "5th Wheeler's Guide to Dating" explores the fine line between naughty and nice and explains how to spot a wicked girl who'll break all the rules. ) These are the girls of your dreams - your naughty, naughty dreams - and they're all here in footage too wild to be shown on TV.

Actors: Aisha Tyler, Hawk Younkins, Stephen Castello, Richard Cline Cunningham, Jerry G. If you are watching this with your guy, he will probably love this DVD. The guys hide their privates, while we see some full nudity on the women. This DVD in my opinion is good for a rental, but not worth buying.

Angelo Directors: Cynthia Matzger, Dan Riley, Dixon Troyer, Joe Dea, Keirda Bahruth Creators: Dan Riley, Adam Vetri, Archie Gips, Bradford Schultze, Brenda Gauthier, Christopher Ragazzo, Daniel Adam Smith Genres: Television Sub-Genres: Television Studio: Universal Studios Format: DVD - DVD Release Date: 10/12/2004Original Release Date: 01/01/2001Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/2001Release Year: 2004Run Time: 0hr 30min Screens: Color, Full Screen Number of Discs: 1Swapa DVD Credits: 1Total Copies: 0Members Wishing: 1MPAA Rating: NR (Not Rated)Languages: English"I honestly had no major expectations for this DVD except to hear the full cuss words, and knew I would see a lot of fake boobs. Then again I'm a woman, so it wouldn't be. I used to enjoy the show, I thought the DVD would give some good highlights, but some of the footage was looped over and over again.

From the producers of Blind Date, comes the sizzling Uncensored version of the most wild, action-packed dating show to hit broadcast television ever in The 5th Wheel: Naked Dating.

In Volume 1, the 5th Wheel bus is coming to town, and onboard are some of the hottest, sexiest girls on the planet ready to get your gears grinding.