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We also included a few that you didn’t ask for, but definitely left a mark in Flav’s rented mansion and burned images in our brains that we haven’t been able to forget… Reality television is full of colorful characters, but I doubt that anyone held a candle to Ms. She made the show even more entertaining with her grandiose claims, inability to cook chicken and holding on to certain “truths” as if her life depended on it (“This is my real hair…” “Everyone who knows me says I remind them of Beyonce…” “This is my man, my mansion and my money…”)After being cut from Flavor of Love because Flav perceived her as a gold digger (now why would he have make that accusation?

Jun 5, 2017Enty March 23, 2017 This one named singer still has not risen to her former A list self again, except when it comes to drinking beer. Read More Do you ever print your photos or do you just keep them all in your phone and online?

Jun 5, 2017Enty March 22, 2017 Despite a flurry of positive publicity for this pro athlete, that blackballing is really hurting his chances of getting work.

Ciara Princess Harris was born October 25, 1985 in Austin, Texas.

She grew up in a military family and lived in a number of different states as well as Germany.

Jun 5, 2017Enty Going to that huge Game Of Thrones convention this summer?

After 5 days in the studio they had already put together 5 solid tracks.

Their findings show that the additive packages in Top Tier gas resulted in fewer carbon deposits than those found in the non-Top Tier gasoline test.

The study also found that there were some secondary benefits to the better additive packages, including slightly better fuel economy and better drivability.

) the University of Pennsylvania graduate continued to stay active.

She participated in VH1’s Flavor of Love Girls Charm School and had bit parts in movies, televisions shows, and even appeared in magazines.