4cast not updating

I started this whole thing just with a general idea that I want to track times across USB devices on Mac OS.As I went further down the rabbit-hole, however, I seem to have gotten lost and can’t seem to find my way back without finding more unexplored tunnels.

0,000 during their FINAL, stress-filled, nail-biter match-up ceremony (ahem ASAF).

I ran “mdls” on the file and saw the following: OK, nothing here except the normal stuff. The metadata shown in Finder now shows the following: Note that the “Last opened” date now shows a different date and time.

Running stat also shows that the last accessed time here has been updated but we already know that isn’t the source of the date and time that we see in Finder so I ran mdls again and got this: We now see three more pieces of metadata, k MDItem Last Used Date, k MDItem Use Count and k MDItem Used Dates.

This allows you to maximize the performance of your ADO.

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